Samsung Service Center in Hyderabad

eServe will provides Samsung full product range service in Hyderabad & We eServe since 2013 in Samsung Appliances service in Hyderabad. We are specialized in repair All Type of Samsung washing machine, Samsung Refrigerator, Samsung AC repair services at Your Doorstep all over Hyderabad. We have good technical team for all major brands for service and repair.Samsung Service Center Hyderabad Telangana having fully trined and experienced technicians. eServe is ranked Best Samsung Service in Hyderabad Lock-down. eServe - Samsung Service Center Hyderabad SAMSUNG AC Split / SAMSUNG Window AC - Repair| Installation | Uninstall | Gas charging | Water leakage | No cooling and other issues. SAMSUNG Washing Machine - Fully Automatic- Front Load or Top Load Not spinning | Not washing | No Drain | Taking Continuous water | Door lock | Bad smell | Water not taking and other issues.. SAMSUNG Refrigerator Service -Single/double door - Gas filling | No cooling | Gas charging | Lower side no cooling | Ice formation | Water leakage | Body Shocking | Compressor problem and other issues .. SAMSUNG LED TV Repair / LCD / TV-Backlights issue |No picture | No Audio/Video issues ... Samsung Laptop - Blue Screen | Mother board problem | Not working | Booting issues | Screen damage.etc.. Samsung Microwave Oven / Samsung micro oven Repair - Not heating | Not getting on | Power Button Problem | Programming issue | Body Shock | Spindle motor problem and other issues.. eServe will resolve it for Samsung Customers through Onsite Samsung Service | Samsung Door step Services . eServe Samsung Authorised Technician / Engineer will carry Quality Spare parts.eServe samsung service centre in Hyderabad phone number 7337443480 . Samsung Customers can search nearest samsung service center for eServe Samsung Service Center in Kukatpally Hyderabad Telangana Near by through voice assistance in google alexa, even you can search for us samsung service centre near me , Samsung Service near me or Samsung Service Center near me. eServe Samsung Customer care number 7337443380. Samsung Laptop Onsite Door step home service started. we are there for our customers.

Samsung Home Appliance Service Center

samsung service centre in Kutkatpally : we have our suport center at kukatpally to serve moosapet to patancheru, you can carry the product to our multi brand service center to get it repaired of your Samsung led tv, lcd tv, home theatre and other carry in products to get it repaired on time with original spare parts. Our Engineers are a well-trained in our eServe Samsung Service Center in Hyderabadnow we are holding this services since 7 years, and we have been with samsung customer support, Customers are happy with our services where as they can suggest us for other customer samsung product problems, its a chain linking process where the trust we made to them. Why choose us? samsung quality repair outputs, we are currently employing effective methods on all your samsung home appliances and the concept-oriented industry strategies. For a samsung microwave oven, samsung air conditioners, samsung refrigerator, samsung washing machines a lot more, we've got the individual group of professionals who're trained and highly experienced technicians to supply you such an excellent variety of their outputs. As Samsung brand products have already made their fundamental presence of our eServe Samsung service center in Kukatpally has become the most acceptable resource to seek out their samsung appliances. We are the best Samsung repair center in Hyderabad having good technical team to diagnose and ensure 100% of the customer satisfaction. Search your eServe samsung authorized service centre near me or authorised samsung service center near me to get it repired on time.


Our service team of engineers or technicians has made our repair serices proud.They are speacially trained in Samsung home appliances like LED TV, LCD TV, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Home theatre and AC, now our home appliance service center has become popular due to corona virus lockdown support, nowadays from on the list of mushrooms of the numerous service centers we are only one who served in hyderabad. Almost in phase -I lockdown of covid-19 corona virus we served 1000+ customers in that 30% share is samsung. we made customer happy and thankful to us where there is no return thanks in service industry . We have higher than a decade old participation in making the Samsung home appliances product customers happy. We got the customers' trust in hyderabad. is the commitment to bring service at your door step, we build confidence in customers, and we shown our professionalism. Thousands technicians and hundreds of web sites , which no longer given service in lockdown having with small tem of experts we shown the art of work, that which made us now proud and NO 1 SAMSUNG SERVICE in Hyderabad. look for our samsung led tv service centre near me in your browser.

Samsung AC repair and service

eServe Samsung AC Service Center in Hyderabad repair, maintenance and service your samsung AC. Our well trained technician repairs your AC low cost econimically. If your AC in a commercial Area like Office business , factory or Industrial area we have specially trained team for that products like samsung VRF , HVAC or ductable air condition segment. SAMSUNG SPLIT AC Samsung Split AC Works Smart & Saves Energy: Samsung Split AC is an energy-efficient Digital Inverter 8-Pole maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on. So, it uses less energy and helps you stay comfortable for long periods. If there is any repair in Split AC, take the support of the eServe Samsung Air Conditioner Service center near you Hyderabad. Samsung Split AC for Fast Cooling: Samsung Split AC’s Fast Cooling Mode cools much faster by running the compressor at the maximum level with the fastest fan speed for 30 minutes. It’s Digital Inverter 8-Pole also helps it to quickly reach the maximum Hz when it starts. Samsung Split AC-Keeps the airs clean: Samsung three Care Filter keeps your air fresh and the inside of the unit clean. As well as capturing dust, it eliminates up to 99% of certain viruses, bacteria, and allergy as they pass through its dense filter mesh. If there is any problem in Kukatpally with Samsung AC, contact eServe Samsung service center Kukatpally. Samsung Split AC comfortably cools: The second Step Cooling Mode begins with cooling the air fast using its FastCool mode. It then automatically changes to Comfort Cool mode to maintain the desired temperature, so don’t have to keep changing the settings in the Air Conditioner. If you’re Samsung Air Conditioner not cooling, call us to attend your AC problem in same day from eServe Samsung AC Service repair center near you. Samsung Split AC Stable Performance: Samsung Split AC keeps going in the most challenging environments with Triple Protector Plus technology. It prevents overloads, with the Voltage Fluctuation Protector feature in Samsung Split AC, Samsung AC compressor can withstand a range of voltage fluctuationensuring stable performance and peace of mind. Samsung Split AC has anti-corrosion coating also protects the condenser and cabinet in harsh conditions. If you got any repair in Samsung Split AC, Take the support of eServe Samsung AC service center Mehdipatnam , Search for best samsung service center near mehdipatnam. Enjoy a Good Night's sleep with Samsung Split AC: Samsung Split AC gives Good Sleep mode creates a desirable climate for a good night's sleep. With its temperature control, it keeps you comfortable, so you fall asleep fast, sleep deeply, and wake up refreshed. If there is any problem of your Samsung AC take support of eServe Samsung AC Service repair contact number. Samsung Split AC’s Automatic Temperature Control: Auto Change Over automatically selects the operating model required to maintain the set temperature. So you can enjoy a consistently comfortable environment without continually changing settings. What should I do, if Air conditioner temperature is not cool enough? Samsung's air conditioner is designed to be very efficient. The fast-cool mode provides a rapid change in air temperature to quickly reduce room temperature to your designated setting. If the temperature of your air conditioner is wrong, even though you set the proper settings, check the following environmental conditions. If there is any repair of your AC, Take the support of eServe Samsung AC repair near you Hyderabad Telangana. If the room size is bigger than the capacity of the air conditioner, it will take more time to bring the temperature down. Therefore, it is recommended to use an air conditioner that fits your home area. If you use an air conditioner that has insufficient capacity compared to the area of the house, the house may not be cool and the electric bill will be high. Check the air filter of the Samsung Air ConditionerWhen the inside air filter has too much dust, your air conditioner is unable to draw in a sufficient amount of air. This may be the cause of the issue with the temperature. We recommend you to clean the filter every two weeks or when the CF display code appears on the indoor unit display. If you didnt solved this problem, take eServe support by Samsung AC service repair centre near me Kukatpally Hyderabad.

Samsung LED TV service and repair Hyderabad

Samsung LED TV service and repair center in Hyderabad samsung led tv service centre in hyderabad : It becomes annoying when the LED tv places begin bothering with some technical issues when you are currently on the lookout for a few leisure. Don't stress that our expert technicians are prepared to assist you and repair every issue of Samsung Led tv in Samsung LED TV Service Center in Hyderabad. Problems are resolved by our technicians like Audio problems, No power, Poor picture quality, without any display sound ok, ghost images as well as lines LCD / LED TV display screen panel. Then you definitely can easily call us 7337443480 to obtaining the TV screen for fixing is like an encumbrance and also our eServe Engineers would be on your doorstep, ready to fix the issue of your led tv. The customer gets stressed because of the high re-pair costs of LED tvs and searches at Hyderabad for a technician for LED. Mostly People hunt for Samsung service center in Hyderabad however, the company authorised service facility fees are very costly. Get in touch for repair samsung tv service centre near me Uppal Hyderabad. The main questions regarding to fix of SAMSUNG LED TV in Hyderabad are:
  1. LED panel lines
  2. LED panel broken
  3. LED power problem
  4. PCB board problem
  5. Installation of samsung LED
We are having 7 years of working practical knowledge in LED tv repair in the electronic equipment service industry. we do offer Samsung LED panel replacement or Samsung LED panel repair..

Samsung Refrigerator Repair and Service Hyderabad

You can repair your refrigerator at our eServe Samsung Refrigerator Service Center in Hyderabad for best quality product repair with minimum spare and service warranty for 90days. samsung is the only one brand for its stylee product with advanced technologies like artificial intelligense , door cooling , up side freezer changing, option changings through your mobile wife . we at eserve repair your Samsung Refrigerator Double door , samsung single door , samaung side by side fridges . we will cover all the problems like no cooling, no lower side cooling, no ice farming , over ice formation , compressor not working , pcb problems and low cooling issues . Our expert samsung fridge mechanics will give you exclusive service in greater hyderabad region. SAMSUNG SINGLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR: If you are a good, independent person living on your own, then eating homemade food or fresh fruits is a cause of worry on most days unless you have a Samsung refrigerator with a single-door in your home. Eating healthy, homemade food requires effort, but with a feature-rich Samsung refrigerator in your kitchen, this task becomes easy. Samsung is a South Korean multinational technology that designs, makes, and sells high-end consumer electronics, including single-door refrigerators also. This honor brand has various models refrigerators to meet the different home needs. You are looking for a refrigerator with a Samsung French door, Samsung top-mount freezer, or a Samsung Refrigerator with a single-door. If you get any problem like, fridge not cooling, heavy cooling….etc, take support of eServe Samsung refrigerator service repair near me. SAMSUNG DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR While the Double Door Fridge prices in India may vary from brand to brand and technology to feature, we strive hard to provide a wide catalogue of Double Door Refrigerators for every budget. Samsung Double Door Refrigerators feature a dual door cooling system and they come with a separate compartment for the freezer and a separate fridge section. One door (the main door) covers the fridge compartment that has a temperature range between 0 and 10 degrees centigrade. Another door seals the freezer chamber made for a sub-zero temperature environment. So, in a Samsung double door refrigerator, if you intend to open only the freezer door and not the other door (or vice-versa), it can easily be done. Samsung Double Door Freeze comes with frost-free technology, which means that you need not worry about up ice piling in the freezer, and manually defrosting the freezer defrost will happen on its own. Most Samsung Double Door Refrigerators have top door freezers while others have freezers on the bottom. Many Samsung Double Door Refrigerators now have an adaptability feature, which provides flexible storage, making the freezer section into the fridge. Besides, the latest Samsung double door fridges feature water and ice dispenser, which adds to your convenience since you don’t need to open the refrigerator door to get ice or cold water. Additionally, Samsung double door refrigerator features inverter technology which maintains a constant compressor speed based on the desired temperature only to use as much power as needed which helps in providing uniform cooling and reduces the noise level of the compressor. The compressor is the main component of the Refrigerator which cools the Refrigerator. If your Samsung double door refrigerator not working, not cooling, leaking water your Samsung double door refrigerator contact eServe Samsung Refrigerator service center Kukatpally. What should I do when my refrigerator does not work properly? If your refrigerator does not work properly, it is recommended that you check the power supply first. If there is no issue with the power and you still have a problem with your refrigerator, please read the following troubleshooting tips. It is recommended to contact the customer service center if the problem is not resolved after you have done what you can at home. Take the support of google search for us samsung refrigerator authorized service center near me or eServe Samsung refrigerator service center near me, Hyderabad. Check the installation space of your Samsung Refrigerator: The refrigerator should be placed in an area with sufficient space. There should be a minimum of 10cms from the back of a wall and on either side and 5cms from the top ceiling. The refrigerator must be placed in a location where it can release its heat. If the refrigerator is blocked, it may prevent it from functioning properly. Also, check to see if the refrigerator is level. If it is not correctly adjusted, it may prevent the refrigerator from functioning properly. Keep the back of the Samsung refrigerator clear: We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to clean the back side of the refrigerator once or twice a year. It is most important to keep the compressor area dust-free to prevent heat exchange; Problems that may be caused by dust on the back of the refrigerator - for example, the formation of ice or the presence of moisture in the refrigerator and/or freezer compartment and increased operating noise. If you got any repair of Samsung refrigerator, take support of eServe Samsung Refrigerator repair in Secunderabad's samsung service center number 7337443380 samsung service center in Uppal.


eServe Samsung Washing Machine Service Center in Hyderabad providing solutions for Top load , front load all capacities .There is no matter what problem your applince having like , no wash , no drain , all types errors , Motor problems, control panel problems . We reduce your service cost where brand is costly . Will use samsung original spare parts to rectify your samsung washing machine it will increase life span of your washing machine. To Get Samsung Washing machine repair any model Call us to get faster support SAMSUNG WASHING MACHINE SERVICE HYDERABAD Samsung Top Load washing machine is considered to be one of the most efficient washing machines in the market with some individual features. We have already reviewed a range of front load washing machines from the house of Samsung and most of them know about the quality of Samsung. Today Samsung has picked up yet another washing machine from the house of Samsung. About Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Design of Samsung Front Load Washing Machine: Samsung Front Load Washing Machine is white as a snow washing machine which is quite attractive and flows a lot of style with the latest design. Keep it at any corner in your house, it will add new to that corner. If we start with the body of the machine, Samsung Washing Machine has a strong body which indicates it has been made of good quality plastic. The Samsung washing machine is a fully automatic type with a front-loading system. The front door of the machine is removed easily as well including the digital display and the dial that is placed above the door of the washing machine. On the digital display of the washing machine, you can choose any wash program as per your need, you can also choose the temperature, spin speed of the Samsung front load washing machine. Moving inside the machine, you already know that the machine has a wash drum with a holding capacity. The Samsung front load Washing machine wash drum is made of stainless steel which prevents rusting or corrosion of the drum. Samsung tested the dial by rotating it and found that it was quite smooth to operate. Also, the front door was quite solid and opened easily rather than being too tight. To avail Samsung Washing Machine Service near you call 7337443380 of eServe Samsung Washing Machine Service Center Number. Features of Samsung Front-load washing machine: Features of Samsung Front Load Washing Machine have the standard features which are found in the washing machines belonging to this series of the front load. Some features you will find overlapping but never the less, all these features put together actually make the Samsung front load machine super-efficient. There are most important features in Samsung Front-load washing mashing namely the Bubble Soak feature, Bubble Technology feature, and Eco-Drum Clean feature. we eServe always ready to serve our customers Check in google "Samsung Front Load Washing Machine service center Manikonda" for High versatile customers, samsung service center in hyderabad Manikonda. Diamond Drum Technology of Samsung Front Load Washing Machine: Samsung Washing Machine Front Load Comes With A Unique Mechanicle technology Feature Called Diamond Drum. This Particular Kind of Drum Has Soft Wind Design With Smooth Diamond-Shaped Ridges Which Are Super Calm And caring Against the Fabric. In Samsung front load washing machine Small Water Exit Holes Will Protect Your Clothes From Becoming Limited. If you are facing problem of cloths damage call 7337443380 of eServe Samsung Washing Machine Service near you. Ceramic Heater of Samsung Front-load washing machine: This Is a Very Common Feature in Samsung front load Washing Machines. In the Samsung Front-load washing machine, the Ceramic Heaters Have Been Designed to Prevent Calcium Compound from Building Up. As A Result, Quick Heating Is Encouraged Which is beneficial for Less Electricity. The primary work of the Digital Inverter Motors is to deliver excellent energy efficiency combined with less sound and unusually long-lasting performances. If your samsung washing maching not drying faster, It may be a fault of heater also for your nearest samsung washing machine service provider call 7337443380. Benefits of Quick Wash Programme of Samsung Front-load washing machine: Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine is filled with a Quick Wash program which will give you an excellent wash performance in just 15 minutes. Therefore, now you can quickly get rid of fresh clothes. Check the cleaning functions and sections of the washing machine. Maintain regular cleaning, its maintenance ensures smooth operation. It can keep the washing free from bacteria and odours. If your getting bad smell from your washing machine and any Programme ERRORs reach us by serching in google like " Samsung Washing Machine Repair Near Me". SAMSUNG TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINE Samsung top load washing machine’s Wobble technology to assist the water conservation. Samsung has equipped top load washing machines with wobbling technology in its range of washing machines. The wobbling technology provides a three dimensional force of water to the clothes being washed which aid the cleaning process and at the same time. Samsung’s 'Air Turbo Drying System' in Top Load Washing Machine The Dual air intakes and turbo power add huge purpose to Samsung Top loading washing machines. The Air Turbo Drying System allows air to be drawn in through dual vents creating a cyclone wave of drying power. In the Samsung Top load washing machine, Air Turbo technology spins hard and fast so you can spend less time in drying cycle. Samsung Top load washing machine with AIR TURBO saves your time. Make sure your clothes are dried 30%-40% faster than line drying alone. Especially during the rainy season and in high-humid weather, washing that once took days to drip-dries, such as jeans, sweaters and blankets are dried more quickly. Easy-to-iron AIR TURBO is perfect for delicate and clothes made of synthetic fabrics. No more hanging and waiting. Simply iron straight-out-of-the washer, since AIR TURBO eliminates just enough moisture to keep clothes adequately damp for ironing. If your Samsung Washing machine is not dring properly? call us to attend your washing machine problem in same day from eServe Samsung Washing Machine Repair center near you. Self Drum clean Feature of Samsung washing machines: Samsung washing machines have effective drum clean Feature which are ECO DRUM CLEAN and ECO DRUM CLEAN+ to remove dust and bacteria from drum. Once every certain wash is done, your washing machine will remind you with a blinking light on the control panel to clean the drum. If there is any problem in the Samsung washing machine take the support of eServe Samsung washing service center Ameerpet. In Samsung washing machines ECO DRUM CLEAN function will help you to clean your washing machine automatically and cleanly, eliminating dust that may be built up inside the drum. It is recommended that you have to perform this cycle regularly to clean the drum by removing bacteria from it. This cycle heats the water between 60 °C and 70 °C, and it also removes accumulated dirt from the rubber door gasket. You can clean the drum without a cleaning agent when you use the ECO DRUM CLEAN cycle. If you get any water leaking problem of your washing machine, Browse samsung washing machine service center near me or Samsung washing machine service center Secunderabad. How to use the ECO DRUM CLEAN function in Samsung washing machine Note: DO NOT USE a common washing detergent powder with the ECO DRUM CLEAN and ECO DRUM CLEAN+ cycle.ECO DRUM CLEAN+ function Click to Collapse. ECO DRUM CLEAN+ Function also keeping your washing machine clean improves washing machine performance and reduces the need for unnecessary repairs, It lengthens its life as well as the ECO DRUM CLEAN cycle. You can also clean the drum without a cleaning powder. The ECO DRUM CLEAN+ reminder blinks on the control panel once every 40 washes. What range should be the water pressure for Samsung washing machine? When washing the clothes to fill water into the washing machine correctly at the recommended time. Water pressure less than 20 psi can cause water valve failure or prevent the water valve from shutting off completely of your Samsung washing machine. In your Samsung washing machine fill time limit is not controlled or If your washer takes too long to fill in or has a leaking or ruptured internal hose, the washer controls will turn it off, automatically. Water faucets must be within 4 feet (122cm) of the washer back to accommodate the inlet hoses provided with your washer. where should i contact in gachibowli if my samsung washing machine is not working ? No worry call us 7337443480 for Samsung washing machine support in Hyderabad.

Samsung Microwave Oven Repair

Samsung hot blast convection Micro Oven used for baking of cakes & cookies etc. In this oven, the heater turns on & the fan is provided inside the microwave chamber which circulates the air throughout the chamber to give that baking effect to the item placed inside the Samsung Micro Oven. If there is any problem, take the support of eServe Samsung microwave oven service centre near me Kukatpally Hyderabad. Samsung Hot Blast Convection Micro Oven Description: You want to prepare delicious pizzas, bake cakes, or make juicy grill chicken using this Samsung Microwave Oven. By using the HOT BLAST and SLIM FRY technologies in the Samsung Microwave Oven, this oven makes your food crispy and tasty without the need for too much oil. You can also make natural yogurt at home with its advanced Fermentation Function. If there is any repair like not heating, take the support your browser search for us like samsung oven service center near me or eServe Samsung Micro Oven Service Center Kukatpally. This technology significantly reduces cooking time by blowing powerful hot air through multiple air-holes directly onto the food. This way, your food is evenly cooked with a crispy outside and a juicy inside. We don’t want any greasy pans and more oil for cooking. In Samsung Micro Oven Hot Blast, The SLIM FRY Technology lets you enjoy healthy fried food with only a touch of oil. It combines a grill with warm air circulation, making your food crispy inside and outside of the food. Samsung Micro Oven Hot Blast, The Fermentation Function utilizes the advanced fermentation technology for proofing dough and to make natural yogurt. Now, enjoy homemade cakes, bread, pizza, or yogurt at any time of the day without the need for any extra appliances by using Samsung Micro Oven. If there is any repair in Samsung Micro Oven, take the support of the eServe Samsung Service center Near Me Secunderabad Hyderabad. Ceramic Surface of Samsung Micro Oven: Samsung Micro Oven - you get a smooth and durable ceramic surface that can be easily cleaned without the need for scrubbing and any there detergents. It is rust and scratch-resistant and will not discolour over time.Eco Mode in Samsung Micro Oven helps in significantly reducing energy consumption. It uses minimal power to run the essential functions of the Samsung microwave oven when you are not cooking, thereby saving money on electricity bills. If you get energy consumption problem, search in google authorized samsung service center near me or eServe samsung authorized service center near me for energy consumption problem in Samsung Micro wave oven, you Eserve Samsung Micro Wave Oven repair service near you. Enjoying perfectly crispy and crunchy food with Samsung Micro oven. You can even bake and brown the top and bottom layers of frozen or leftover foods like pizza. You can also bake and fry your favourite snacks without using oil. Samsung Grill Micro Oven is simply used for grilling. There is another grill heater placed at a specific location which can provide a grilling effect which is required most of the time in chicken. It gives the same effect which you often see on clam bake at parties. Samsung Grill Micro Wave Oven is best suitable to grill meat, or vegetables like Paneer. Both microwave and grill functions can run parallel and making delicious grills in minutes. The Samsung grill microwave Oven has heating coils that help in grill, toast, or roast. If you got repair in Samsung Microwave Oven, take the support search for us samsung microwave service center near me, eServe Samsung Service centre Near Me Panjagutta Hyderabad. Fitted with three heating sources, it heats food simultaneously from both the top and bottom. Enjoy your food, perfectly browned and crisped. Samsung Solo Microwave Oven is a basic microwave oven that is used for uniform heating for cooking food, reheating & also for defrosting. We cannot bake or grill food in a solo microwave oven. Solo microwave ovens are basic models or entry-level models in the microwave oven category. It has one magnetron to produce microwaves. They are best suited for bachelors or two-member family. A solo microwave oven is cheaper compared to other microwave models like grill and convection. We cover all over Hyderabad. You just google it to check area wise service coverage like samsung service centre near me Boduppal, Uppal, Kukatpally, Saroornagar, Dilsukhnagar, madhapur, Hitech city, Ramnagar, Habsiguda, Safilguda, ECIL, Puppalaguda, Manikonda, Ramantapur, Tarnaka, Madeenaguda, JNTU, West marredpally, Secunderabad, Nagole, LB Nagar, Budvel, Shamshabad, Vengalrao nagar, Ameerpet, Bharatnagar, SR Nagar, Somajiguda, Panjagutta, Srinagar colony, Jubli Hills, Shaikpet Dargah, Gachibowly, Moosarambagh, Malakpet, Ananadnagar, Khairatabad, Lingampally, Miyapur, Bowenpally, Gajularamaram, Kompally, Suchitra, Alwal, Jeedimetla, Balanagar, East Maredpally, Paradise, Begumpet, Filmnagar, Attapur, Balapur, Bandlaguda, Barkas, Begum Bazar, Borabanda, Bollaram, Chandrayangutta, Chikkadpally, Karkhana, Erragadda, AS Rao Nagar, Yousufguda, Sri Nagar Colony, Tolichowki, Shaikpet, Kattedan, Kondapur, Kothapet, Falaknuma, Malkajgiri, Moti Nagar, Moosapet, Sainikpuri, Nagaram, Dammaiguda, Saket, Kapra, Kushaiguda, Cherlapally, Yapral, Bolarum, Nacharam, Neredmet , Oldcity, Tolichowki, Banjara hills, Tarnaka, JNTU, BHEL, Lingampally, Nizampet, Hafeezpet, Koti, Suncity, Mehdipatnam, Santoshnagar, DRDO, IS Sadan, Vanasthalipuram, Karmangatt, BN reddy nagar, Chaitanyapuri, Musarambagh, Kachiguda

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